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  • CN 10-1855/P

Online First

Online first articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
Progress in studies on crustal uplift of the Tibetan Plateau based on GNSS and GRACE
Rao Weilong, Liu Bin, Tang He, Wang Qiuyu, Zhang Lan, Sun Wenke
DOI: 10.19975/j.dqyxx.2024-019
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Study of tidal gravimetric factors in Chinese mainland based on three-dimensional Earth model
Wang Zhenyu, Zhao Qian
DOI: 10.19975/j.dqyxx.2024-017
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A look-back to the 50-year exploration of Jupiter's atmosphere
Song Xinyi, Yang Jun, Wei Yong
DOI: 10.19975/j.dqyxx.2024-011
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Seismology monitoring of attacks in the Russia-Ukraine conflict
DOI: 10.19975/j.dqyxx.2023-042
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Overview of ionospheric currents inversion by using low Earth orbit satellite magnetic observations
Xiong Chao, Wang Fengjue, Huang Yuyang, Qian bohao, Wang Simin, Rang Xinyi, Song Sishan, Zhou Yunliang, Yin Fan
DOI: 10.19975/j.dqyxx.2024-013
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Receiver function imaging based on short-period dense array reveals the uplift mechanism of the Altyn Tagh Mountains
DOI: 10.19975/j.dqyxx.2024-015
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Advances in the research of seismic-wave leaky modes
Shi Caiwang, Li Zhengbo, Chen Xiaofei
DOI: 10.19975/j.dqyxx.2024-005
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